backstreet. check it.
born in the wrong decade-- ktbspa
i just want to give him a hug, and never let go

i just want to give him a hug, and never let go

There’s something I should’ve done during my VIP Meet&Greet

I should’ve petted Kevin’s eyebrows.. 

Haha kidding. He would think I’m the ultimate weirdo. 

But honestly, I wonder…


What do your kids think about what you do for a living?

Howie: I think my son is just now finally comprehending it. I’ve been trying to show him how many girls love daddy and stuff like that, and he didn’t get it. But now he’s finally starting to get it. He loves it. He calls himself a Backstreet Boy too. But I had to teach him who all the other guys are. I see him, like yesterday it was funny, I think he called Kevin like AJ or something like that. He’s still getting a little confused on the names and stuff like that. He loves coming up on stage. I think the other day when he saw Baylee singing for the first time, he thought that’s what all the kids were supposed to do. My nanny was trying to hold him back ‘cause he was trying to get out there and do it too. I teach him now, like y’know, get out with the girls and blow kisses and shakes his booty. So, I think he’s starting to understand it.

AJ: Just like his daddy, just like his daddy. [x]


Backstreet’s Back… sitting down.. Too old to stand up? ;)

Brian: This guy was all about the numbers [and the business], and I used to be like “No man, you’re supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to just go out and play”, and then I realized, like, wow, we’re making nothing. We’re actually writing checks to go play shows. He helped me with the business attitude. That was years ago and it’s still paying off today. Hopefully I’m helping him out. [x]

awww <3